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You would never expect that a “Help Wanted” sign on a non-descript warehouse would change the course of your life, but that’s just what happened to James Hardy one fateful day in 1980.  James, an architect by trade, had been handing out resumes in downtown Jackson, MS.  On his way back home, he noticed a handwritten sign advertising a job opening.  Suit and tie, resume in hand, he entered the small office and was immediately met with raised eyebrows.  James mentioned the sign, and the owner, after looking him up and down, responded that it probably wasn’t something he’d be interested in.  With a baby on the way and not much opportunity elsewhere, James told the owner not to let the suit fool him, he was willing to do whatever the job required… That was the last time he put on that suit.

James began a sales position at a cricket farm, and seven years and two children later, he struck out on his own. His wife Pam, a CPA, had been raising their two sons full time, but returned to work to support the family while James started the business.  When asked about the growing pains of starting a business from the ground up, James’ response was that “for the first four months I was extremely optimistic, the next four years I thought everyday would be my last, but eventually the business started gaining some traction.”  Pam was able to begin working full time at the farm, and their two sons, Ty and Matt, began to learn the business at an early age.  Both sons completed college and returned to the farm.

Now in its second generation of ownership, Hardy Cricket Farm is still growing and innovating.  James provides his wisdom and experience and “the boys” have taken on the day to day operations. The willingness to work hard and the constant dedication to quality have remained unchanged after all these years.

Hardy Cricket Farm Today

From meager beginnings, Hardy Cricket Farm has grown to employee 20+ hardworking folks.  Our facilities consist of over 40,000 square feet of production area.  Our feeder insects are shipped all over the world to a variety of customers.  We have a small delivery fleet reaching across several states dedicated to supplying bait shops and bait distributors with the products and service they need run a successful business.

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